California Costumes Men’s Baron Von Bloodshed Costume

November 28, 2013 - Comment

The baron lives only for the hunt, always hungry for his next hit. Product Features Ties

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The baron lives only for the hunt, always hungry for his next hit.

Product Features

  • Ties


John Spinhirne "Photoguy67" says:

Not what I expected. Please read the product full description before ordering. I bought this with the idea of using it in a photo shoot. I was expecting from the image something a lot more substantial and darker. When I pulled it out of the package I realized immediately that it would not work for what I want; that my flashes would show right through the material and not silhouette the outfit like I want. As a costume for a party it would probably work great. I am in the process of returning the product at this…

Shawna says:

good costume, plan ahead The costume looks great, and fit my husband well. We got a large and he’s 5’8 and 170 lbs. The coat touched the ground on him, but that was no big deal. Just make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to get ready as you have to lace the whole thing yourself which takes a lot of time (it took the two of us about 45 minutes to do it all) especially since the laces are a loosely knit string. If we would have thought of it we could have taped them to help which would have saved some time.

Dimich says:

Mediocre Costume Don’t be fooled by the picture. On the picture the costume looks as if it was made out of thick heavy material, leather even. It is not. The costume is made out of paper-thin polyester. The gray strip on a side of the costume is made out of gauze-like net. All of it seems like it is about to rip if you pull it accidentally.I don’t know what they did to the picture, but, in reality, the whole thing hangs on you like a negligee nightgown meant for the kinky honeymoon night. I was…

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